T h e
              M  A  S  K

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The mask is other worldly, it brings you into a realm that goes beyond the literal.   It bridges different realities, when engaged,  it becomes a powerful tool for transformation.   It stretches the wearer as well as the viewer to behave in a different fashion, often taking on a life of its own.

Katja makes androgynous masks that express earth related themes, like fire, water, caves and trees as well as animal and ancestor maks.    The mask becomes a vehicle through which we can see and experience the inanimate as a living world around us. The mask gives us permission to experience our untamed selves, giving us an opportunity to heal the lost connection between earth, spirit and self.

Katja has been making maks and costumes since 1992.   She uses a variety of methods:  paper mache mask over a clay mold, wire based paper mache helmet masks and wire based cloth masks using natural materials like bark or rafia.   Since 1995 she has studied with Eric Bornstein and works with 'Behind the Mask Theater' doing outdoor events like First Night.

Katja uses her masks in workshops and rituals as well.   A limited number are for sale.   She undertakes comissions.   Katja can be contacted for individual sessions or commissions by phone (617) 926-3128 or email: katjacreates@mediaone.net